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My coaching is for people who are ruminating on life’s big questions, and are yearning to answer them. It’s for high-achievers who want to help others but don’t quite know where to channel their energy. It’s for people who are living in the tension of wanting to be their best selves while needing to learn to love themselves as they are.


In the words of the poet Rilke, we must ultimately endeavor to "live the questions." In our time together, I will help you tease out the questions in your soul, and formulate answers by way of action and exploration. I will serve as your guide through the marvelous complexity of both the inner life and outer world, and aid you in re-shaping your narratives. Along the way, we will build a shared vocabulary of what the good life is, and what it asks of us in how we show up each day. 

Pavitthra Pandurangan

I am deeply informed by my own life experience. I’ve earned many material awards and accolades - from a perfect score on my SATs to working alongside brilliant distributed systems experts in my first real job after getting my undergraduate degree in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. And yet, striving and straining to answer the questions in my own soul has been the most fruitful endeavor of my life. 


After spending a few years asking such questions and allowing myself to change with the answers I found, I can say the following: I am more easily moved by nature and art, I feel calmer in the face of uncertainty, I feel connected to my authentic and spontaneous self, and I’m able to purposefully channel my creative energy into endeavors that feel meaningful to me.

I am informed by two distinct worldviews, each of which vitalizes the other. The first one was cultivated in childhood, and is characterized by the scientific and the rational. The second is one I developed to answer my deepest questions in adulthood, and it pulls from literature, art, philosophy, and religion. Thus, my worldview is dynamic, and held in active tension between two poles: science and spirituality, chaos and beauty, Nature and God. I have discovered that a well-resourced life draws from both poles. Concretely, living a vital life right here in the present requires a healthy relationship with the formless world, the one that contains our visions, intuitions, and hopes.

My coaching is inspired by the human-centered approach developed by Carl Rogers, and I draw from parts work as well. I am currently honing my abilities as a coach through the Tee Barnett Coaching Training (TBCT) program, where I am lucky to be surrounded by a wealth and diversity of knowledge and expertise. 


I would love to get to know you if anything here spoke to you. Here’s a link to my calendar, let’s chat! The get-to-know-you call is free of cost. 

If you’d like to take a peek inside my mind, here’s an essay I wrote on high agency living and another one on chaos & technology. And here’s a link to my Twitter.

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