I had trouble writing at an appropriate pace and effort for my work and blog. After my first few sessions with Tee, that was no longer the case. But the most valuable parts of working with Tee aren't just tips at the object-level that you could find in a pop sci book. Through his careful listening, lines of questioning, and thoughtful examples drawn from his experience, I've developed more clarity about what I want in life. He's teased out the blockers that prevent me from getting stuff done, such as lingering narratives and fears, and identified models I can mold to unblock myself in other situations. If you're a motivated and self-aware person that is seeking more clarity (even if you're early on in your career), self-improvement, and want to face reality with a coach who'll tell you like it is, then I highly recommend Tee.

Rainier Ababao,


Tee is quite the coach to have in your corner. Rather than coming in with preconceived notions about what's right or wrong to do in business (which many folks do), Tee's unique approach helps deconstruct your own thoughts and weed out your own cognitive dissonance. He helps you realize the answers to your own problems in a way that creates internal consistency and alignment. Not to say that "business-wise" mentors can't play a good role. But, I believe what Tee brings is something unique that CEOs need to operate at the highest levels.

– Co-founder and CEO,

San Francisco

Tee was sharp, open and non judgemental. He let me tease out my own solutions and helped prioritize challenges. As a result of his coaching, I discussed top lessons with my co-founder and we decided to spend a dedicated period of time to clarify intentionality of different people we are closely interacting with.

– Co-founder and CEO,

Oakland, USA

Tee helped me become less afraid and more comfortable with myself, my own life, and my own choices. I'm very thankful for our sessions.

– Co-Executive Director,

Chicago, USA

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My sessions with Tee have helped me to unpack professional and personal blocks that felt too difficult to sift through on my own. Tee asks thoughtful and clear questions that help me sort through facts and stories and get to the core of what I really want. Together, we have been able to develop language and framing that helps me to gain a deeper understanding of my emotional and rational reactions, and then develop personalised strategies to enhance my performance in the future. I can feel myself gaining confidence and resilience in handling potential set-backs, learning more about myself and improving my ability to communicate my needs with others.

I think it's not an exaggeration to say Tee is the best coach/debugger I've had. Highly recommended!

From only one or two sessions, I got concrete benefits that I still use regularly almost a year later. Specifically, Tee changed the way I think about personal problem-solving: I used to ruminate and get stuck looping between two contradictory thoughts/feelings, and because Tee showed me a way to navigate them (take each part seriously, periodically ask "would it be okay if that were not so?" and "why?"), I now find it very easy to make progress and un-stick myself.

Tee also showed me how to notice when people (including myself) are going into intellectualising, and how that's often a way to avoid looking at the underlying issue (where before, I just thought intellectualising is how to make sense of things).

Tee is attentive, perceptive and wicked smart. He's also deeply kind, and his nonjudgemental approach gives coaching sessions a feeling of open space to really go into what matters to you.

 – Researcher

Oxford, UK

I honestly don’t know what to prioritize. Everything me and Tee talked about is so important. This is how knowledge grows: you identify mistakes in your knowledge and in correcting those mistakes you get closer to reality. But truth is not enough. You also need to know what truths are relevant and which ones are not so much. Tee is a catalyst for error-correcting your self-knowledge and in the process you’ll figure out which beliefs are true, which ones are holding you back, which ones are relevant and which ones, even if true, don’t matter all that much. Let me share some of the results I got from our coaching sessions.

  1. I used to have no friends, my girlfriend was my emotional center and I was just generally bad at relationships and usually felt disconnected from people. Now I enjoy a very deeply meaningful set of friends with which I go out every weekend and my romantic relationships, even though require some work, have dramatically improved.

  2. I’m an entrepreneur and I used to be conflicted about my work. I didn’t know which path to follow and all paths seemed imperfect. Tee helped me to understand how to think about my professional path and create a fully integrated plan. Zero conflicts.


Tee’s a cross between a psychologist, a philosopher, an epistemologist and a friend and, in my search for someone that could help me understand myself and the world, after several psychologists and coaches, Tee shines bright.

 – Andre Casal,

Lisbon, Portugal

I've found our sessions to be very helpful and I'm extremely grateful for them. Taking notes and providing follow-up with homework is very valuable, as it means that I can free up my mind to look inwards and consider my inner mechanics. We've only had a couple of 'co-founder couples therapy' sessions, but it seems that these will provide a very significant amount of value and am looking forward to more of them!

– Huw Thomas,


Tee was a decisive help for me in a way that is difficult to find. Having been to therapy (CBT) and various professionals in the industry, I can confidently say that Tee is among the best for my personal needs. He is rational, understanding, and deliberate in a way that most aren't. Rather than lofty expectations and idealisms, we worked on solid tangible plans together that were surmountable and realistic. If you are systematic and grounded, Tee is an incredible resource to help yourself. He is thorough and hardworking, and genuinely cares about peoples wellbeing. Highly recommend.

– Research Analyst,

Oakland, USA

I did a debugging session with Tee about being unhappy with my friendships. Tee has a very friendly and open disposition, so I felt very at ease talking to him. During our debugging session, he was attentive and thoughtful. He helped me see my issue through different lenses by asking many different and thought-provoking questions. This allowed me to better define the various cruxes that contributed to the problem and to generate a few concrete solutions on my own. Tee was encouraging because he pointed out that certain realisations I was making were helpful to our discussion and offered some advice of his own, including what had worked when he had been in a similar situation. Our session was a helpful emotionally because it lifted some stress off my shoulders. I felt like I had a better grasp of what I could do to prevent similar issues arising in the future; I felt more hopeful going forward; and I also felt grateful for the existing relationships I have that I'm already happy with, where before I mostly felt unsatisfied and focused mainly on the negative aspects.

– University Program Associate, 

Geneva, Switzerland

I think [the coaching session] was very useful, and I rarely find having someone helping me that useful at all (I actually think it was probably the most useful coaching session with somebody else who I don't know super well that I've ever had) so thank you so much! You were very good at noticing things I hadn't noticed and making me feel comfortable enough to dive deep and not worry, and it was just very, very nice… I will definitely refer others to you!

– Research Fellow,

San Francisco, USA