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Meet Tee


I’m Tee – a Chicago native based in Prague that couldn’t be happier to methodically strategize with you about your personal and professional plans. Really. 


In the past, you would have found me living in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vancouver and Oakland working out how to do the most scalable and impactful thing for humanity, eventually getting professional traction within the Effective Altruism community.

Being a personal strategist is now my focus, and I truly believe that facilitating a wave of ambitious and clear-minded clients will have compounding goodness for the world, especially as they start their own projects, manage others, and navigate their own relationships. You could say that the seriousness dial has been turned all the way up in terms of how vital coaching is within my own life plans.


I received strategic coaching while co-founding Rethink Charity, which houses a project that has granted millions of dollars to charity, a think tank that has received more than $1M in grants to conduct research, and a student initiative that introduced effective altruism to thousands across the world.

In short, my firsthand experience suggests that creating work of lasting importance and scaling increasingly complex challenges require help with sense-making, planning, and emotional disposition. 


In fact, I've continued to invest in my own development with coaches that I endorse while maintaining my personal practice, recording my coaching-focused podcast (Any Thoughts On), and training those who want to become coaches.


That’s what I’ve found the most well-balanced among us continually invest in. Real progress requires nuanced action – not simply powering through or sitting back and hoping for the best. Let’s set up a quick chat to see how I can help.

Work History Outside of Coaching

I'm a co-founder, former Executive Director and current board director of a project collective that launched several EA community building projects – Rethink Charity (RC).

Several projects were launched and maintained over the course of 5–6 years, with varying degrees of ‘success’ and varying degrees of my involvement.


Our best bet in my time at RC, in my opinion, was helping launch Rethink Priorities (RP) out of the project collective, providing ~1.5 yrs. of operations, governance and fundraising support. RP is currently a well-respected think tank in the EA space that has since spun off into its own 501(c)(3) charity.

Among the other RC projects launched, acquired or maintained under my tenure, RC Forward, EA Giving Tuesday, the EA Hub, and the EA Survey are still in operation. RC Forward is approaching being cashflow positive largely due to a revenue generating initiative that I led the launch of prior to my departure – fiscal sponsorship for EA and non-EA projects. 


To briefly paint a picture of my role in all this, I was primarily responsible for piecing together fundraising across individual and institutional donors at a time when RC never had institutional support that covered even 25% of the overall budget (with the exception of Rethink Priorities). I was also heavily involved in top-level strategic planning and programs design. 

Projects that have since closed down are Students for High-Impact Charity (project wind-down write-up), the Local Effective Altruism Network and Rethink Grants. 


You can’t win them all, but these discontinued projects were important training grounds. Thanks to the support of the EA community, we were able to counterfactually produce projects that I believe continue to be impactful for the EA community and sentient beings alike. 

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