Meet Tee

Plan coaching for me isn’t really about having a nice way to make a living, or feeling good by helping others in some way. I’m currently splitting my time between the Bay Area and Prague, but in the past, you would have found me in a different city or continent trying to determine the most scalable and rewarding way that I can contribute to humanity.


After receiving this type of precise guidance while building my organizations and learning how to coach for more than a year at a psychology research institute, the great white-space-that-could-be my life yielded that helping others design better plans was the way forward. 


You could say that the seriousness dial has been turned all the way up in terms of how important coaching is within my life plans. I truly believe that facilitating a wave of ambitious and clear-minded clients will have compounding positive effects for the world, especially as they start their own projects, manage others, and engage in their own relationships.


In short, as we methodically work through your life plans, your small wins and big wins count almost as if they were my own. This approach should mean that you making actual progress is crucial. Let’s set up a quick chat to see if it can work for you.