Meet Tee

I’m Tee – a Chicago native living in Prague that couldn’t be happier to methodically strategize with you about your life plans. Really. 


In the past, you would have found me living in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vancouver and Oakland working out how to do the most scalable and impactful thing for humanity. Being a personal strategist is now my focus, and I truly believe that facilitating a wave of ambitious and clear-minded clients will have compounding goodness for the world, especially as they start their own projects, manage others, and navigate their own relationships. You could say that the seriousness dial has been turned all the way up in terms of how vital coaching is within my own life plans.


I received strategic coaching while co-founding Rethink Charity, which houses a project that has granted millions of dollars to charity, a think tank that has received more than $1M in grants to conduct research, and a student initiative that introduced effective altruism to thousands across the world.

In short, my firsthand experience suggests that creating work of lasting importance and scaling increasingly complex challenges require help with sense-making, planning, and emotional disposition. 


In fact, I've continued to get invaluable insights as a CEO working with personal strategists that I also endorse in order to improve my own life and practice. And that’s what I’ve found the most well-balanced among us continually invest in. Real progress requires nuanced action – not simply powering through or sitting back and hoping for the best. Let’s set up a quick chat to see how I help.