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I used to believe that the largest problems in the world arose because people acted immorally. I now believe that moralizing has very negative effects, so I would refrain from putting it like that, but I do think the belief I had captures something important: the largest problems in the world arise because of how we act. And I think that this is true with respect to many of our personal problems as well. Importantly, this is good news, because if we are part of a problem, we can be a part of its solution. 

Coaching is a means to create change, a method to help you move from where you are to where you want to be by helping you change your behavior. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing how powerful it can be to borrow someone else’s mind and perspective to help transform issues into insights that could be acted upon. As a result, I’m healthier and happier, and I found my way to this state far quicker than I would have done on my own.

Signe Savén

I coach because I want to pass on this experience of accelerated personal growth. I think personal growth is good in and of itself, but also instrumentally good as a means of improving the world; as we grow greater, the contributions that we can make grows too. Also, I coach because I love being in coaching conversations. It is amazing to be let into another person’s mind, begin to understand who they are on a deeper level, and help them make progress on something that is important to them.

My coaching style is intuitive, and coaching is a way for me to use the abilities and skills that come with my highly sensitive personality. It takes great inspiration from nonviolent communication (NVC), a communication model that has been a game changer for me personally. In addition, my coaching style is quite analytical (which is probably at least in part due to me doing a PhD in analytical philosophy), and I aim to take care to thoroughly understand challenges before moving to course corrections. I believe that the way we act is a function of our thoughts, feelings (emotions and bodily sensations) and the environment we find ourselves in, and that there are often a multitude of tweaks to be found to help us move in the direction we want.

As a coach, I’m committed to challenge you to grow while seeing the best in you, to dust you off when you fall and remind you that you are supposed to fall sometimes, otherwise you played too safe, and to celebrate your wins with you. I’m looking for coachees who are honest and brave, who are open to different ideas and up for challenging themselves and for trying things outside of their comfort zone. I’m especially interested in working with people who think that there is a large discrepancy between where they are and where they want to be, people who dare to dream big and then dare to act to pursue those dreams. 

I coach in English and Swedish. To learn about how my coaching has impacted others, see these testimonials

If this resonates with you, I would love it if you signed up for an introductory call here. Also, feel welcome to contact me directly.

Hope to meet you soon,


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