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My Coaching


Here are my aspirations for my coaching. 


Encouraging. The word ‘encourage’ comes from the latin ‘cor’ meaning ‘heart’. In this sense I want the coaching relationship to be encouraging. I want it support you to bring more of your heart into what you do, to live more courageously. Likewise, I want the coaching to be emboldening, enheartening and enlivening.

Grounded in Dreams and Reality. I see dreams as the things you fantasise about, images of the future that pull you, notions about who you might become. I take dreams seriously, and think they are worth paying attention to. And I think growth happens most effectively when it takes full account of what your day to day reality is like - your present concerns, how you actually spend your time, your revealed priorities etc. I want the coaching to keep you in contact with your dreams whilst being relevant to your actual life. 


Concrete Changes. I think robust changes often flow from increased awareness and understanding, and an increase in awareness and understanding can take time. Also, I see concrete changes as the acid test of whether the coaching is useful. If insights don’t lead to concrete changes, that’s a sign to me that the insights are not in fact insights. 


Navigating by What’s Good. In coaching, we might adopt particular frameworks or processes when relevant but the coaching isn’t based on a particular process or framework. I think that people and situations are too unique and complex for there to be a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we’ll be navigating by our sense of what’s good - what we’re curious about, what seems useful and our sense of what’s important. 

My Background


I studied philosophy and psychology at Oxford University. After graduating I worked for 5 years at the Centre for Effective Altruism, a non-profit that supports a network of people using reason and evidence to do the most good, focusing primarily on community building and grantmaking. More recently, I’ve worked part-time with the Centre for Applied Rationality, in delivering their applied rationality workshops, as well as contracted for various different effective altruism organisations. 


Things that have influenced me, or somehow speak to the kind of person I am. 


  • Worldviews: Effective altruism, rationality, metamodernism, buddhism

  • Thinkers and Writers: John Vervaeke, Eliezer Yudkowsky, David Chapman, Brene Brown

  • Practices: Circling and authentic relating, meditation

  • Values: Freedom, integrity, authenticity, impact

  • Things I find funny: The Office, Monty Python, saying I have a great sense of hummus, describing myself as a professional couch whose job it is to support you and make you feel comfortable

If you’d like to sign up for a free introductory session, you can book a call here

Harri Besceli

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