Plans Define us.
Upgrade Yours.

Move through life with increasingly elegant and adaptive life plans  


Our learned strategies for getting what we want often break. At times we encounter complexity that tests our capacity to handle things. The personal dictates the professional. 

Together we address your blocks mechanistically – it's not a mindset or ideology. My methods help examine your belief system and intervene on your decision-making process. Crafting increasingly elegant plans over time yields actual growth. 


Client Stories

Are you a job search drone?

Consider a client of mine who eventually slipped into catatonic execution mode while trying to find a job – unthinkingly shipping job applications in a dense fog of aimless desperation...



"Tee is quite the coach to have in your corner... [his] unique approach helps deconstruct your own thoughts and weed out your own cognitive dissonance. I believe what Tee brings is something unique that CEOs need to operate at the highest levels."


—  CEO,

     San Francisco, USA


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