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Perception Defines Us.
Refine Yours.

Move through life with increasingly elegant and adaptive life plans  

My Approach

Our learned strategies for getting what we want often break. At times we encounter complexity that tests our capacity to handle things. The personal dictates the professional. 

Together we address your blocks mechanistically – it's not a mindset or ideology. My methods help examine your belief system and intervene on your decision-making process. Crafting increasingly elegant plans over time yields actual growth. 

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Tee Barnett Coaching Training (TBCT)

TBCT is an early-stage coaching development program that provides infrastructural support for those in the process of establishing and enriching their coaching practice


The infrastructure targets key developmental bottlenecks of coaches, including early client acquisition, real-world practice, training and oversight by multiple senior coaches, co-created learning plans, reputational benefits, business architecture, and more.

Client Stories
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Any Thoughts On

The podcast where you can overhear skilled advisors, mentors and practitioners talk about their craft


I am really benefitting from Tee's coaching. Tee is an attentive and perceptive listener, and has a range of insights, tools and further reading that he can deploy to help you think differently about a specific challenge you're facing. It's early days, but it's already had a noticeable impact on how I think about my day-to-day role as a leader of a non-profit. I highly recommend Tee as a coach.


Angus Mercer

    Centre for Long-Term Resilience

Client Stories

Mining 'the idea of [something]'

Pretty much all of us are prone to fantasizing about how things will be based on very limited information (often entirely socially derived) and then acting on it. This happens even in the case of major life decisions...

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