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Hi! There’s nothing I love more than helping people gain clarity, build meaningful relationships, and generate focus on what truly matters to them. This is what my coaching practice is all about. Fundamentally, my goal is to accelerate the pace of social development by helping my clients make decisions and take action from a flexible sensemaking foundation. 


I believe we need this foundation because cognitive and social bottlenecks are hindering our social development and generating unnecessary suffering. I love helping people discover and unwinding these bottlenecks in their life and stacking up repeated days that contain value driven actions. 

There are three streams of experience that inform my practice and help me and my unwind social and cognitive sensemaking bottlenecks. 


 First, my own experience with therapy and coaching. With the help of  two therapists and one coach, I have vastly improved my quality of life over the last ten years. Through a combination of improved introspection, more awareness of emotional and perceptual constructs, increased agency to overcome patterns of avoidance, and a gradually increasing ability to tolerate intimacy, things are different! Those experiences help me work towards secure and collaborative relationships with my clients based on processes like empathy and mutuality. 


Second, my professional experience working as a director of marketing at an education startup called Praxis and then as a senior program coordinator for Young People in Recovery. At Praxis, I was the 10th employee and grew a growth marketing team for a startup that was ultimately acquired. At Young People in Recovery, I helped raise over $500,000 dollars, mostly through grant writing, that led to delivering peer support services for over 50,000 people healing from addiction in California, Colorado, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. These experiences can help my clients in concrete ways by exploring and ecology of processes around focus, finding a flow in work, sculpting time, leadership, managing tricky work relationships, hiring people, and prioritization. 


Third, my work at Young People in Recovery moved me to become an Addictions Counselor. I studied at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the masters of clinical mental health program. I have worked as a therapist since 2021 mostly in early stage addiction treatment for people in the US without access to treatment due to being underinsured or undocumented. This experience is valuable to me as a coach because I have experience digging into sticky emotional constructs that cause a lot of trouble. My experience has helped me road test and develop interventions and therapeutic ideas that deliver results under the pressure of crisis.  These experiences can possibly help my clients dig a little deeper in a way that feels safe for them. Also, it can help me work with people who have tried a lot of therapy and feel like they’ve been  spinning their wheels. 


While the experience of addictions therapy was profound and poignant, I have transitioned into coaching because I find my clients leaving therapy with insight about the perceptual constructs, but too often unable to escape trauma generating systems like poverty, medical debt, and the prison industrial complex. My coaching practice is a bet that helping people who want to create a better world can break the hamster wheel of suffering and create more virtuous cycles in the world. 


The integration of these three experiences led to the creation of my coaching practice aimed at supporting individuals who strive for a better world. Maybe you if you want to connect with someone who is open to building a supportive and safe relationship designed to understand and help you. 


Drawing from my experience in personal therapy, as a professional, and as a therapist, I have developed a model founded on the principles of accountability, insight, and action. This model identifies the necessary steps to build  resilient systems in your life and empowers you to take value driven action. 

Brian Nuckols
(Not currently taking on clients at this time) 

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